Saint Bernard
Giant Breed
130-180 lbs.
Originally used to locate freezing and helpless travelers during snowstorms, the Saint Bernard now uses his
intelligence and strength in conformation and obedience competitions, cart pulling and weight pulling. Although
powerful and muscular in build, Saints possess a gentle and dignified temperament. Their coats can be long or
short and range in color from deep brown to brown-yellow. White markings are required.

A Look Back
It is generally believed that the dogs eventually called Saint Bernards were bred from dogs previously existing in
the Swiss countryside. The original Saint Bernard was a short-haired dog and was introduced to the Hospice (a
refuge for travelers crossing the treacherous passes between Switzerland and Italy) as a guard dog, a carting
dog and an avalanche dog that rescued travelers trapped in the snow

Right Breed for You?

Both long-haired and short-haired Saint Bernards shed and need regular grooming. New owners should be
prepared for drool - there is no such thing as a dry mouth Saint. This breed makes wonderful family companions
with obedience training and daily exercise, but due to their larger size, may do better living in the country or