Toy Breed
4-7 lbs.
The coat requires daily brushing to keep its elegant appearance. Despite their size the Maltese is without fear.
The Maltese is a good choice for people who live in small apartments because of their size, but for the same
reason it is not a good candidate for those with small children, unless the owner can provide constant

The Maltese is a toy dog covered from head to foot with a mantle of long, silky, white hair. They are
gentle-mannered and affectionate, eager and sprightly in action, and, despite their size, possessed of the vigor
needed for the satisfactory companion.

Did You Know
The Maltese is known as ''ye ancient dogge of Malta,'' which for more than 28 centuries has been an aristocrat
of the canine world. The first Maltese exhibited in the United States was white and listed as a Maltese Lion Dog
at Westminster's first show in 1877. The American Kennel Club accepted the Maltese for registration in 1888.