French Bulldog
Medium Breed
24-28 lbs.
The French Bulldog's coat is smooth and short and easy to keep clean. The French Bulldog is happy in any loving
environment. They are house dogs who only wants to be an adored pet. While principally bred to be companions,
the French Bulldog is remarkably intelligent and serves as a good watchdog.

The French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat,
compactly built, and is of medium or small structure. Expression can be alert, curious, and interested.

Did You Know
The two distinctive features of the French Bulldog are the bat ears and the skull which is flat between the ears.
French Bulldogs are bred primarily as pets. However, they do make excellent watch dogs. The preservation of the
bat ear as a distinct feature has been due to the persistent efforts of American breeders, since in the early days of
breeding these dogs in Europe the tendency was toward the rose ear. Had this movement not been opposed by
America, the breed would eventually have lost the feature that so strongly accentuates its individuality, and the
result would have been practically a miniature English Bulldog.